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BUYER FEES per contract side
  1. Purchase Price = $0 – $49,999 — $ 95
  2. Purchase Price = $ 50,000 & Up — $350
SELLER FEES per contract side
  1. Purchase Price = $0 – 49,999 — $195
  2. Purchase Price = $50,000 & Up — $350

We wanted to advise you that you are not in “compliance” with notifying the staff of any new listing agreement that is fully signed, nor of any new contracts within the two day notice by the State. Therefore, going forward a $50 Sellstate Admin fee will be applied to your commission disbursement.

*Florida Association of Realtors and Stellar MLS require all realtors to notify their Broker upon a fully signed Listing Agreement and/or a fully signed Contract within two days of signing or it is a violation. Fines can be implemented.*


Appfile Tutorial  – click here — https://youtu.be/qa-l3pIt2aY

kvCore Video – click here – https://ire.wistia.com/medias/tgw6x6nk1m

kv Core – Marketing video – click here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F1GT7ENYn8





Attention all Sellstate Advisors:  The Staff would like to clarify a policy matter that seems to be a recurring source of confusion.  Please take a moment to review this information, print a copy, and store it for future reference.

It is Corporate and Company policy that no commissions are to be waived. In any event, even if permission is granted to waive the commission, the customary amounts will still be charged based on a commission rate of 1% of the sales price. This is what you would have to bring to closing. These fees include:

2% Marketing Fee

5% AAD amount

Buyer/Seller Fee – (transaction fee)

E&O Fee

Corporate Processing Fee

The only exception to this policy is if the property is your primary residence in which we will require a commission rate of 1% to cover those fees only once in a 12 month period. So you would be the Listing Agent (Seller side) for your own property.

No fees will be waived or reduced for the buyer side of your personal residence.

If you are buying the property for a family member (such as Mother/Father/Daughter/Son) then we still require a commission rate of  3% plus transaction fee.  If you are going to live on that property as your “personal residence” then it will still be a 3% commission rate . We do not waive fees any longer.




If you are sending or receiving a referral you must have a referral agreement & it must be SIGNED BY EACH BROKER/ NOT the agent. The brokers are responsible for the agreement and ensuring payment. 

  1. If you are referring a buyer/ seller to a different agency…

Create an appFile (labeled Misc) with as much information as you have

Get the referral agreement form & have each broker sign it

Send Sellstate NGR’s W9 to the other agency so that they can pay Sellstate (you)

Explain to the other agency that you will need a copy of the fully executed HUD after the closing occurs

2. If you are receiving a referral from a different agency…

Create an appFile per usual

Get the referral agreement form & have each broker sign it

Attain the W9 from the other broker agency/ NOT the individual agent so that we can pay them

Add all “outside buyer/ seller referral information” to the agent tracker form (including e-mail address for the agent who sent the referral to you)

{Notes regarding the payment of the referral will be added by administration to the appFile}




Due to the overwhelming number of Appfile deficiencies that our Staff deals with on a daily basis, it has become necessary to collect a $10 service fee each time our Staff is unable to process a transaction quickly due to agents not tasking the Staff to “pend” client accounts before we rece4ive the final HUD & commission check or if a property has closed and nothing has been done to the file. This deficiency detracts from the Staff’s overall productivity. These fees will be added to your next agent monthly office debit account. To prevent service charges in the future, it might be a good idea to attend the Appfile training classes as often as you need them. Regardless if the listing is listed in the MLS or not, the staff must be tasked to review to pend ALL accounts. There are other items the Staff must do in order to prepare for the final HUD & commission check(s).